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Tour 2024

We are going
- are you in?

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From bookkeeping through to annual accounts and filing your tax returns, Account4TAX has a solution for you.

We cover all matters of taxation including CIS, VAT, PAYE and registration.


21/11/23 - what we are doing now

- Recruitment of a Tour Committee - those interested in helping with the arrangements (big or small commitment) please contact

- Opposition, accommodation, transport, budget to be agreed by Christmas

20/11/23 - what has been agreed

- The Management Committee agreed a tour should be arrange for the end of the Season.

- The Treasurer agreed an allocation of £500 of Club funds to the tour cost / beer fund.

- The vice-chair - Kirky -  will oversee a tour committee of 3 people.

- The tour committee will talk to players in November / December to identify the following:

            - A potential date for the Tour

(Probably between the middle of April and the middle of May)

            - A potential length of the Tour

(Probably travel and play on Saturday, big night out, breakfast and travel home on Sunday)

            - A potential location for the Tour and opposition

(Probably no more than 2 to 3hrs drive, with an opposition and accommodation)

            - A potential tour budget for each player

(Probably £80 - £100 each to cover accommodation, transport, tour kit and all beer money)


Affordable and effective solutions for the small to medium sized business looking to manage their costs.

As a small company, we are individually involved with your business to help it succeed.

For further information about our services, please contact:
(+44) 1323 765788
(+44) 7932 008661

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