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Player Leadership Meetings

The new player leadership team has been formed to build on what went well last season and to strengthen the stuff that could be even better. 

The team includes: Craig Benson, Matt Smith, Aaron Kirk, Huw Jones, Jarred O'Tool, David Fenner-Hudson, Dan Puttick, Brad Spokes, Cornish and Roger Simmons (Click the button for further information on Leadership Roles).


Leadership Meeting  3 - 5th September 2022


Present: Craig, Matt Smith, Huw Jones, Jarred, Brad, Paul Smith, Cornish and Rog


3.1 Touch Tournaments - Two out of three delivered over the Summer. August evening tournament run on a Tuesday training night had 55 attending. Mid-week was popular.

3.2 Return of the club house - Tuesday 13th Sept agreed with Cricket.

Jarred to organise 3 kegs, Rog to restock bar.

Training beer - stops 13th Sept

Training food - starts 20th Sept

3.3 Training Floodlight - Cornish to lead the team to put up the floodlight on Tuesday 13th Sept. People to be asked to meet at 18:15 to help.

3.4 Coaching - Summer training worked as hoped with exception of tackling which will start w/c 5th Sept.

Jon Tutty - unable to continue due to other commitments.

3.5 Equipment - Tackle mats and first aid kit ordered;  stock of match shorts ordered.

Captains - All players to wear the new shirts for all games, borrowing if required.

3.6 Wet weather - Jarred to confirm booking of HCC Primary school pitch through December and January.

3.7 Game recording - Dan Puttick  to confirm recording of games / Ian Hanniford option

3.8 Team selection - Team selection with coaches and Captains, final decision with Captain.

We need to recognise those that have trained the most but not at the expense of the team. The first trial games we will have a mixed team and that will give us a good understanding of interchangeability of players.

3.9 Spond - Craig to use Spond to establish who is available for games each week.

Matt / Craig - to use Spond to confirm who is selected for which team.

3.10 Training night responsibilities

Craig - to open club for Tuesday training

Paul Smith - to open club for Thursday night training

Club opening; open home changing rooms; turn on showers; turn on floodlights

Club closing; lock shed; turn off showers; lock changing rooms; tidy bar area; lock till in cellar; fridge lights off, room lights off; lock doors)

3.11 Match day responsibilities - home Captain and Vice captain to share opening and closing responsibilities

Player volunteer rota to help with match day chores - certain playing positions to be selected each week.

Club Opening (Open club 1hr 20 mins before KO; open both sets of changing rooms; turn on the boiler for showers)

Pitch - Dan Puttick (Ensure lines are on the pitch, post protectors and flags are set up and locked back in the shed)

Balls (Ensure 2 or 3 pumped match balls are available for the game)

Bottles (Ensure each team has 2 sets of 8 filled water bottles; ensure someone on the touchline can bring bottle on at stoppages) Possible Steph to help when available.

Medikit (Ensure a Home and Away medikit is in place)

Physio (Ensure each team has someone who can administer basic first aid to an injured player) Huw to ask Jordan about potential trainee students who may be interested

Tea / coffee - milk / tea / coffee to be provided donations pot to be provided - no hot snacks

Player food - Rog -  hot meal for 40. Set meal options - chilli /rice, curry /rice, shepherd's pie, pasta bake. Pre-frozen meals - oven reheated on match day.

Bar management - Jarred to co-ordinate - (Arrive half an hour before KO, 4 hour shift managing the bar, volunteers help at end of shift - 2hrs after the end of the match)

Club closing (Arrange for changing rooms to be swept; check shed locked; turn off showers; lock changing rooms; ensure social area is tidy; ensure till locked in safe; ensure fridge lights off, ensure room lights off and doors locked)

3.12 Away Team - travel kit

To be taken by away Captain / Vice Captain and returned

- Medical Bag; 2 Training balls; 2 sets of water bottles; 3 tackle shields

3.13 Match Reports & Hailsham Eye Write-ups

Peter Davies - home match report write-up. Away match reports tbc

Hailsham Eye write-up - Jarred

3.14 Socials

Rog - BBQ. Home friendly Saturday 17th Sept

Jarred - Curry Night re-arrange for Saturday 24th Sept after Barns Green home game. 43 paid, looking for minimum of 50 paid.

RS - Bowls tournament Sunday 25th Sept

3.15 Trip to Jersey Royals - 29th October 2022

Proposal to travel out on Saturday and back on Sunday.

Paul Smith, Matt Smith and Rog to look at travel and accommodation options.

Club will pay for player travel. Supporters will have to pay for their travel.

Players will have to pay for their own accommodation. Details to be confirmed.

210811 Puttick logo - white_logo_black_background.png

Leadership Meeting  2 - 18th May 22

Present: Craig, Aaron, Jarred, Dan, Huw, Rog - Cornish and Brad joined the team


2.1 New Club Coaching Team

- Starting on 7th June we have a new coaching team to support the whole club. Tom Shuttleworth will not be supporting the coaching this season due to the growing success of his Rhino Sports Club and the need to focus on its growth.

- Nigel Gossedge, Huw Jones, Ian Richardson, Jon Tutty, Cornish and Paul Smith form the club's coaching team.

(See New Coaches - for further details)

2.2 Pre-season Training

- Pre-season training starts on Tuesday 7th June at 7pm at the club.

- A free BBQ and a beer will be provided at 20:30 for all those who have replied to the training invite on Spond.

2.3 Social Media & website

- Jack Maunder and Craig Benson are our new social media administrators

- The website remains the central location for fixtures, match reports, social events and information regarding the season and activities.

2.4 Touch Tournaments

- 3 Family Touch Tournaments are scheduled through the summer

           - Sunday 12th June - 12 noon kick-off at the Club

           - Saturday 9th July - 2pm kick-off at Cinderford Camping Ground

           - Saturday 27th August - 2pm kick-off at Cinderford Camping Ground

- teams of 6 players (maximum 2 subs)

- games are 7 minutes each way

- teams are given a points based handicap system for certain players (details to follow)

Would all those interested in captaining a team please contact Aaron Kirk to register their interest.

(See Touch Tournaments - for further details)

2.5 Video recording games

- Ian Hannaford is looking at the video recording options that will allow games to be shown after each game

2.6 Zero Tolerance to on-field referee moaning

- last season saw an unpleasant increase in the amount of challenges of the referee's decisions and moaning on the pitch.

- constant moaning will not be tolerated. If you have a concern, talk to your captain or your pack-leader

- only your captain or pack-leader talks to the referee

- blubbing before bedtime policy - moaners will we substituted, cutting their game time short

2.7 Social Events

- Gun Brewery Tap Room Visit - to be arranged early September and will be used to pick the kegs for this season

- Curry Night - to be arrange on the Saturday of the first home game in September (probably 17th sept)

- Christmas Curry/Party - to be arranged December 2022

- Awards Dinner - to be arranged late April 2023

- Tour - to be arranged for early May 2023

Leadership Meeting 1 - 3rd May 22

Present: Craig, Matt, Aaron, Huw, Jarred, David, Dan


1.1 Commitment to all players getting game time

 - any player starting on the bench should expect to play at least 30 minutes of the game

1.2 Commitment to keeping rugby affordable

 - bar prices and membership fees to be maintained at a low level

1.3 Commitment to training during wet weather

 - 4G to be booked for 8 weeks through December and January

1.4 Commitment to recording and viewing games

 - investigation of options to record games for viewing post-match [DP]

1.5 Commitment to coaching

 - investigation of what players need to support their development at the right level [CB, HJ, RS]

1.6 Commitment to committed players

 - every member attending training or a game will be entered into a monthly draw. A winner of the Training Draw and a winner of the Playing Draw, will each win a cash voucher for use behind the bar

 - members playing 10 games and members playing 15 games in the season will get an item of free kit

1.7 Commitment to players of all abilities

 - investigation into attracting social players who want to enjoy their rugby and develop their skills and knowledge

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