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Birth of the Hellingly Saxons

I am delighted to share some really positive news about how players are going to be able to get more competitive games on the Saturdays when they are available.

Currently, our 2 League teams play on the same Saturdays. This means we have a scramble to fill 2 teams one week and then no games at all on the next week - bonkers.


We know players have other commitments which don't always line up with the non-league Saturdays. So the solution is to have our 1XV League Team and our Saxons playing on alternate Saturdays - simple.


So what will change:

- 1XV continues to play in Sussex Counties 3, giving competitive rugby in a formal league structure

- The Saxons will have a series of social friendlies arrange on non-league weekends, giving our social players regular, competitive fixtures

- Both teams will have access to a larger pool of players, reducing the scramble for players

- Both teams will have a subs bench, giving strength in depth

- Players can play more or less games to suit their availability, giving you games when you want them

[Although the Saxons will be a mixed team - priority will always be given to the less experienced players, with league players topping-up the team]

Hellingly remains a 2 team club, attracting players of all abilities, fielding competitive teams and taking a bit more control of our own destiny.

Any questions, you know where I am.


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