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Training - formal start and informal pre-start activity

Formal training restart:  - Tuesday 13th July 2021, for an 8 week run into the start of the season (mid-Sept)


Training structure: - Sessions will have fitness as an integral part of the structured team development activity. Focus on enjoying your rugby and building a great team spirit.

Frequency: - After lots of debate, it was agreed to have a formal session once per week on a Tuesday night. Subject to demand, a second informal player led session could be arranged.

Informal Activity April to July:

- Touch Tournament organised for 17th April.

- Option to have a monthly touch tournament in May and June, subject to interest.

- The recreation ground is available if players want to organise informal touch through to July.

- If players want to gather one evening per week, please let me know and we'll publicise through the website.

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