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8th January 2022 - Hellingly 1XV v Uckfield
Loss 12-28


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A Solid Performance in the Pouring Rain and Strong Winds!


The weather could only be described as shocking with heavy rain and strong gusty winds and didn’t take long before the lads turned a deep shade of mud from head to toe.


1st Half


Even on a slippery pitch, the pace of the game was fast with full on solid tackles resulting in some stoppage time for injuries and two Uckfield replacements as a result. There were few ball handling errors on both sides considering the weather conditions, but most high kicks were blown off direction by strong gusty winds. In the 9th minute, Uckfield put the first converted try points on the board, but Hellingly replied in the 11th minute with a try by Jack Cowell, but conversion missed due to being blown off target bringing the score to 5-7. After more very close Hellingly try attempts saw a try by Harvey Warren and converted by Aaron Hassocks in the 19th minute (12-7). Scrums had to be reset due to under-boot conditions and long clearance kicks and to line often scuppered by the wind. The pace and energy of the players was exceptional with some whopper of hits that would knockout the average man in an instant. In the 27thminute an Uckfield converted try brought the score to 12-14. The first half whistle blew after almost 43 minutes having seen 5 scrums and 13 lineouts completed. 


2nd Half


As the 2nd half commenced, it was quite difficult identifying who was who and from which team with a good coating of mud slurry masking the strip and numbers. The Hellingly scrums were brilliantly powerful and after a few scrums down, Uckfield spotted the need to get the ball in and out quickly while Hellingly pressure was still in full flow to create some quick breaks. It was a full-on battle for almost 20 minutes until Uckfield found the first points of the 2nd half with a converted try (12-21). Emotions running high on both sides led the referee to have a quiet word with both captains, and even more moments of injury from relentless tackling. Hellingly had some great phases of play creating opportunities and defending was strong, but in the last minutes of the game, Uckfield broke through to put another converted try on the sheet bringing the final score to 12-28. The second half resulted in injury stoppage, 14 scums and 6 lineouts, with the whistle blowing at 47 minutes.


Next Home Game: 15th January 2XV V St Francis 2pm Kick-off

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