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23rd October 2021 - Hellingly 1XV v Seaford I
Loss 10-13

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Consistent pressure does not get Loonies their reward.


With the recent very heavy rain, surprisingly the pitch was in a good condition. Winds were light, slightly overcast with some sunshine.


1st Half


An early scrum saw Seaford put in followed by Hellingly obstruction forcing a second early scrum. A Hellingly line-out was deemed not straight by the Referee giving Seaford a line-out opportunity that they won. After a number of knock-ons, Hellingly’s put in at scrum led to a try by Hellingly Captain Ian Padget but the conversion missed, bringing the score to 5-0. From an advantage penalty kick, Seaford got 3 points on the board to 5-3. The game was brought to a prompt halt with a Seaford player down and needing medical attention. Both teams playing a very full-on physical battle resulted in injury stoppage, 7 scums and 11 lineouts at the end of the 1st half whistle blow at 42 minutes.


2nd Half


From kick off, a quick skirmish led to a Hellingly scrum and a bit of afters that resulted in the referee bringing the captains together to have words about discipline. Seaford had an advantage kick to line and soon after, their first try successfully converted bringing the score to 5-10.  With adrenalin flowing, there was no let-up in the physical challenges that again, led to a player down (Charlie Milner) and play stopped quickly for medical assistance. The referee deemed another Hellingly line-out not straight gave advantage to the visitors. The pace of the game was fast from both sides and Seaford spotted a quick opportunity for a drop goal to secure a further 3 points. Both teams lost and won advantages from unlawful clearing out of the ball, forward passing, players taken out off the ball etc, but Hellingly still created excellent opportunities from quick pace and thinking, rewarding them in a second try by Padget but conversion kick missed bringing the score to 10-13. The closing minutes of the match saw Hellingly battling to secure more points for a win, and Seaford counting down the clock. From a Hellingly scrum, great distance was made down the left wing with an unfortunate knock-on close to the try line giving advantage to Seaford. The visitors were to determined to hold onto the ball for the last few seconds and closed the game by kicking out to line. The second half resulted in injury stoppage, 13 scums and 8 lineouts, with the whistle blowing at 43 minutes.

Next week Hellingly travels to Uckfield for its second pre-season warm-up game.

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