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14th March 2020 - Legends V Saxons

Draw 29-29

What an awesome game. Despite having a dozen late cancellations the Club was able to field 40 players for the interclub challenge from the Legends.

The Saxon's captain, Billy Cleaver, decided to go for youth, fitness and speed - leaving the slightly less-young, less-fit and less-quick players for the Legends. School boy error you might say, as the experience of at least 17 years of Club captains undertook a standard 1980's pre-match warm-up.

The quality of play was actually remarkably good, enhanced by the exceptional refereeing style of Linden Duncan, who kept the game flowing with a generous approach to advantage. For those who have never seen a referee in action armed with a whistle in one hand and a bottle of port in the other  - you missed a rare treat.

Lots of tries kept the crowd entertained (thank you to all those who came to support). The final result being a very fair draw must mean the Legends retain the Tiara until the next re-match. The bar remained full until 8pm as talk of past achievements rounded off a truly great day for the Club.

Man of the Match - Referee and Port Monitor


Linden Duncan

200314 Linden Duncan.jpg

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