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Management Committee

Committee Members

Steve Dabbs.jpg

President - Steve Dabbs



 - Former Senior Chairman

 - Former Junior Chairman

 - Former Junior Coach

 - Player since 2003

Roger Simmons.JPG

Chairman - Roger Simmons



 - Business & Financial Management

 - Former 1xv Captain

 - player since 1992

Aaron Kirk.jpg

Vice- Chairman - Aaron Kirk



 - 1XV regular

Roger White.jpg

Secretary - Roger White



 - Business & Financial Management

 - Former Club, President, Chairman and Secretary

Rob Newton.jpg

Treasurer - Rob Newton


- Financial accountancy

- Business management

- Budget management


Safeguarding Officer - Steve Dabbs



 - Safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults

Roger Simmons.JPG

Director of Rugby - Ian Richardson



Jim Bedford.jpg

Fixtures Secretary - Jim Bedford


 - Former 1xv Captain

 - player since 1990

 - Worlds Strongest Prop 1998

Peter Stotesbury.jfif

Sussex Representative - Pete Stotesbury



 - Business Management

 - Former 1xv player

David F-H.jpg

Registration Secretary - David Fenner-Hudson



- 1XV regular

- Data management

Roger Simmons.JPG

Business Partner Coordinator - Roger Simmons (Covering)



 - Business Development

 - Partnership Development

 - Community Development

Chris McGowan.jfif

International Tickets - Chris McGowan



 - Business Management

 - International Tickets

 - Club Sponsorship

 - Former 1xv player, joining the committee in 2019

Roles and Responsibilities

President's Role and Responsibilities

- to oversee the success of the Club, providing support to the Chair and other Committee Member in the undertaking of their roles

- to lead the development and retention of the Vice Presidents activity, ensuring the Club is welcoming to all and maintains good communication links to former players and the wider community

Chairman's Role and Responsibilities

  • Chairs meetings of main Management Committee

  • Sets agenda and controls discussions in club meetings

  • Makes decisions in consultation with other officers

  • Plays an executive role as the principal officer.

  • Must plan ahead and be prepared to delegate

  • Acts as a conciliator between 2 parties to resolve a disagreement.

  • Can act as point of reference for external agencies

Vice-Chairman's Role and Responsibilities

  • Works alongside the Chairman to oversee the smooth running and success of the Club

Secretary's Role and Responsibilities

  • Principal administration officer- the main link between members executive committees and outside agencies

  • Must have good all-round communication skills

  • Must be computer literate with access to email.

  • First point of contact for an outsider

  • At the forefront of the work of the organisation

  • Writes agendas and minutes in club meetings

Treasurer's Role and Responsibilities

  • Must be able to prepare and set budgets and control costs

  • Collects subscriptions

  • Agrees/sets budgets

  • Administers club accounts

  • Appoints auditors if necessary

  • Pays registration fees

  • Prepares income & expenditure accounts and cash flow forecasts

Safeguarding Officer's Responsibilities

  • To ensure that children and young players are provided with the highest possible standard of care by their coaches and volunteers

  • To implement a child/young player protection policy

  • To raise awareness and understanding that abuse does happen in sport and to establish communication and reporting procedures

Director of Rugby's Role and Responsibilities

  • To ensure the needs and wants of the players are represented to the Coach and the management committee
    To ensure new players are welcomed, registered and made to feel part of the club
    To support the Coach and Captains in their selection of teams and the fulfilment of fixtures and Match Card submission.

Fixture's Secretary's Role and Responsibilities

  • Point of reference between league and teams

  • Books pitch(es)

  • Contacts all team members regarding fixture list and individual matches

Sussex Rep's Role and Responsibilities

  • Sits on CB committees if necessary

  • Receives minutes and other communications from CB meetings

  • Coordinates activity within the club as and when necessary

Membership Secretary Role and Responsibilities

  • To identify and gather the contact details of new members as they join the club

  • To register new players on the GMS database

  • To add new members to the GoGardless membership payment system so they can pay for their membership

  • To advise the committee if any existing members have ceased making their monthly payment

Business Partner Coordinator Role and Responsibilities

  • To develop the partnership strategy with local businesses

  • To identify opportunities to support local businesses

  • To promote partners through promotional activities on kit, social media and the website

International Tickets - Role and Responsibilities

  • Administration and distribution of International Ticket allocation across partner organisations and registered club members

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